Ergative as a default case: Evidence from a Georgian dialect, 4th Workshop on Turkic and Languages in Contact with Turkic (Tu+4), NYU, Feb 16-17  [handout]

Difficult Imperatives in Turkish, WAFL 14, MIT, Oct 19–21  (with Despina Oikonomou) [poster slides] [paper draft]

Complementizers in Laz are attitude sensitive, NELS 49, Cornell University, Oct 5-7 (with Deniz Özyıldız and Balkız Öztürk) [poster] [paper draft]

Proceedings Papers


A Semantic Characterization of Turkish Nominalizations. Proceedings of WCCFL 36. [Draft]

A Modal Approach to Dative Subjects in Laz. Proceedings of NELS 48. [Draft]


Free Relatives and Correlatives in Wh-in-situ. [Paper] in Proceedings of NELS 47. 

A Compositional Semantics for Turkish Correlatives. [Paper] in Proceedings of WAFL 12 

Peer-Reviewed Papers


The Logophoric Complementizer in Laz. [Paper] in Dilbilim Araştırmaları Dergisi [Journal of Linguistics Research]. (with Balkız Öztürk)


 The Status of Roots in Event Composition: Laz. A pre-publication version of the paper in Lingue e linguaggio

Handouts, Manuscripts, Drafts

to appear

A Typology for Correlatives: A View from the Languages of the Caucasus. In Handbook of Languages of the Caucasus, Oxford University Press, ed. Maria Polinsky. (with Balkız Öztürk)


On Complex DPs in Turkish: Lessons for Inverse Linking and Scope Rigidity. Presented at SuSurrus at UMass-Amherst. [Handout]

A Nanosyntactic Approach to Transitivity Alternations.  [early draft] [full paper in prep.]

Defining the Locality Conditions on Root Allomorphy in Laz. Ms. (with Daniel Margulis and Nick Longenbaugh)

2015 and before

A competition account of Turkish evidentials and its implications for acquisition. Ms. [email me for a copy]

An Empirical Critique of Cyclic Agree. Presented at ConSOLE XXII. [Handout]

Valency Vowels in Laz. Ms.

AGREE as a Unidirectional Operation: Evidence from Laz. [MA Thesis] from Boğaziçi University.

The Diachrony of Case Marking in Georgian: Ergativity and Specificity. Presented at Typology, Theory: Caucasus at Boğaziçi University. [email me for a copy of the handout]

A Minimalist Analysis of Laz-Georgian Applicatives. Ms. [email me for a copy]